Bucket Brewery is a micro-brewery located in the town of Kempsey on the beautiful NSW Mid North Coast.

Sam, our head brewer, has been brewing since graduating from high school over 20 years ago. It started from an impulse purchase of a home brewing kit and the promise of cheaper beer. This decision was mainly driven by the meagre wage he was earning at the time.

Over time, Sam’s inquisitive and scientific mind lead to constant improvements to the home brewing process and subsequently the end product as well. A tour of the Guinness Brewery in Dublin, whilst backpacking through Europe with his wife Amanda, provided the motivation to one day set up his own brewery.

In 2003 Amanda and Sam moved back to their hometown of Kempsey to raise their family, be closer to their parents and also because it’s a cool place to live. A few years later Peta-Maree (Amanda’s sister) and Tim moved back to Kempsey too, and just around the corner! Tim joined Sam on many Thursday evenings to learn how to brew beer and the girls used the opportunity to catch up. The idea of opening a commercial brewery gained enough momentum that a professionally built brewery was installed in Tim’s back shed.

After 2 years of operation in the shed, demand has outstripped supply and an expansion to a larger site was needed. The move to new premises at 2 Prince Street, South Kempsey is now complete. All of us at Bucket Brewery are keen to produce a high quality local beer that creates something that Kempsey and the Macleay Valley can be proud of.